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Here you can find some software which I've written, modified, maintain or have contributed to.
Everything is released under the GPL unless stated otherwise.
Send me an email if you have any questions about these programs.

fci - Folding@Home Client Info
An Internet oriented Folding@Home client monitor
Supports Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Windows clients,
and the serverside supports Linux and FreeBSD
A collection of tools to keep qd.c and qdinfo.dat up to date
with the changes to the project credit data.
qd, qdinfo.dat and psummary2qdinfo.pl have become part of qd-tools.
A collection of scripts and programs to use with Folding@Home.
A simple Perl script to manage the Folding@Home client on Linux/OSX
which configures a randomly chosen username/team for each new work unit.
A simple Perl script to install OpenBSD packages in an apt-get like manner.
License: BSD
NSCA SlackBuild
SlackBuild for the Nagios NSCA Addon, to easily install nsca, the NSCA server,
and send_nsca, the NSCA client on Slackware 13.1.
License: Public Domain
Script to send missing Folding@Home .xyz project files to the NicoV of the JMOL team.
The Dutch localized version of Ivo "Ivoshiee" Sarak's finstall,
a Folding@Home client install & startup script for UNIX(-like) systems.

Patch for CRONw 2.0
A patched version of Crontab.pm which adds the ability to parse alias strings
for the times on which a jobs need to be run (@hourly, etc).
Patch for libapache-dbilogger-perl
A patched version of the Perl module Apache::DBILogger in the Debian Sarge package.
It adds storage for the value of $r->the_request in the database table.
License: Larry Wall's "Artistic License"

Old Stuff

An updated version of Dick Howells qd application
Supports Windows Server 2003 in the Operating System Table
See the mirror of the qd website for more info on qd
qd is a part of qd-tools and only maintained there,
this page is left for historic reasons only.
An updated version of Dick Howell qdinfo.dat file
an up to date point table for use by qd
Generated hourly.
qdinfo.dat is now part of qd-tools,
this page is left for historic reasons only.
The script used to update the data in a qdinfo.dat file
with the data from a psummary.html file.
psummary2qdinfo.pl is now part of qd-tools,
this page is left for historic reasons only.


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