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          File : queue.dat
 Queue Version : 5.01
          Size : 7168 bytes
    F@H Client : FAH502-Linux.exe

This is the documentation for the queue.dat file, one of the files used by the Folding@Home client.

The descriptions of all the information contained in the queue.dat file used in this documentation were originally written by
Dick Howell and published on his qd explanation page where the information was explored with the output of qd as viewpoint.

This documentation expands on the qd output, in the following ways.

The actual queue.dat file used by qd in this documentation is available for personal inspection. As are the qd.c source code
and Linux binary. The structure of the queue.dat is also included in the form of the queue.dat C struct from qd.c.

A clickable hexacimal dump of that queue.dat file is available. This hexdump shows the structure of the bytes in the
queue.dat content with colors, borders, and byte ranges. Clicking on an sequence of bytes leads you to the description page
of that piece of information.

Finally a simple representation of the whole queue.dat file layout and an individual queue index are included. Each field of
information is linked to its description page.

The description pages contain the description originally written by Dick Howell, sometimes expanded with some information
by me. The pages also contain C struct definition of the field from qd.c, the output of qd for the field and the hexdumps of the
respective information fields in the queue.dat.

This documentation is also used as the base for the Folding@Home Wiki article about the queue.dat file.